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Superfood Nutrition With Devi Michal Adi

Foods are the first line of defense against the negative effects of lifestyle stress, pollution, chemicals, and disease. Superfoods, as opposed to vitamins or supplements, are foods that naturally possess a very high concentration of essential nutrients that provide the body with raw, concentrated building blocks with which to build a strong foundation for health. They are also powerful cleansing foods and are often the best and most easily assimilated sources of protein.

What foods qualify as Superfood Nutrition? What is their nutritional value? How do we use them in our day to day to achieve optimal health, keep our energy high and our mind clear and sharp? In this lecture we will find out the answers to all these questions and more! Some of the superfoods we will discuss are: cacao, maca, spirulina, bee pollen, hemp, and greens.

Devi Michal Adi is a Nutritional Advisor and chef, who has guided many to better health through her 3-Steps-to-High-Vibration Living Program; a simple, effective and systematic approach to improving one’s lifestyle through nutrition and whole foods. She is known for her Aphrodisiac Cacao Elixirs and Truffles.