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Say Goodbye to Your Sugar Addiction

Do you find you need coffee or a sweet snack at 3 PM to get you through your day?
Do you suffer from mood swings?
Are you tired much of the time or bingeing on a regular basis?

Sugar is addictive.
Sugar is empty calories.
Sugar robs your body of vital nutrients.

Like heroine, cocaine, and caffeine, sugar is an addictive, destructive drug. We all know our blood sugar goes up, then down after a sugar high. But most don’t realize the emotional roller coaster that accompanies the sweet seductive flavor. The “white stuff” is in everything around us including baked goods, breakfast cereals, yogurt, and even baby foods & canned vegetables.

If you would like to learn more about kicking the Sugar Blues and food-mood connection, join us for this fun, informative, and life-changing lecture.



Since attending Alok’s sugar lecture, 10 days ago, we are pleased to share that it was the final push into a sugarless world. Which triggered a chain reaction of a rise of vital energy and fresh feeling in the body.Chandani and Tyohar


I’ve loved sugar all my life. Especially chocolate and ice cream. There wouldn’t be a day without one or the other, or even both. In the past two years I began meeting many health conscious people who always made a point in telling me how bad these things were for me, but although I respected their knowledge, the temptation of the sugar was too strong – until… Alok’s sugar lecture! Alok told us at the beginning that this lecture would change our lives, and it did. The way he passed on the knowledge about the effects of sugar was so effective that the temptation to eat chocolate or ice cream became very low. Since this lecture I feel much better and much stronger and am not upset to skip those treats and keep them off my diet. Thank you Alok. Bodhi Nirala

I liked how the lecture was a full experience: we were invited to join the learning in a joyful and interactive way, we were invited to connect with others.  In essence, I felt the invitation to support ourselves being as healthy and ALIVE as possible in that moment and for the future. Along with the positive and innovative lecture style, the information offered was very grounded in critical analysis of the formation of the food marketing industry’s use of sugar as a ploy to sell more of their products. This has helped me gain another perspective for understanding sugar in our society from a larger view. Jade Netanya Ullman


It was a great experience learning the truth about how sugar is not pure and how all kind of animal products are often mixed into it. It was nice learning the truth for a change. – Jackie Valentine

Your sugar lecture was extremely informative. Your thoroughness on the sugar was very evident. I really enjoyed the statistical information on sugar. You were very relaxed and patient with answering questions and explaining your topic. You spoke with such ease in a peaceful method, not at all preaching. I thought this was very important. It conveyed your message extremely well. Mary Kent Hearon


I have to admit . . . being a tea drinker I probably use sugar every single day. After your lecture however, I went home, opened my cabinet and looked disgustedly at my 1 lb. bag of Domino Sugar and promptly threw it away. Thanks. Now I’m free . . . at least partially. Robin Cloud


The sugar lecture gave me a lot of needed information. The whole evening was entertaining and very relaxing. I also met very nice people. Thank you Alok. Sam Rutkevitz