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Eating for Sensuality

Healthy food and activities don’t have to be boring and bland. Vibrant, natural food, and fun exercise, can awaken the senses, enliven us, and increase our capacity for pleasure! Join holistic health counselor Valerie Greene for an entertaining and interactive evening of healthy indulgence and SURPRISES!

Tuition: $20 or $15 if you email Valerie an answer to at least one of the following questions. By answering the questions you will also have the chance of winning a free massage from Valerie and Ivy Angelina:

How do we increase the pleasure
in our lives in a healthy way?

  1. What foods can we eat regularly that are both delicious
    and make our bodies feel good? (Any recipes?)
  2. How do we make eating, or any healthy activity, a sensual,
    pleasurable, mouth-watering experience?
  3. Are there any specific foods that increase a sensual
    experience with a partner?

This isn’t any old lecture where you listen and the speaker talks. It is fully participatory. Email your answers to the above questions to

Valerie will compile your submissions into a booklet, to be handed out at the lecture. Then we’ll do our best to demonstrate, as a group, how to be more in our bodies!! Valerie will also pick one entry, the most tantalizing, eye opening, mouth watering recipe or writing and give that person a free one hour massage. So send Valerie those recipes, activities, articles, and poems!