Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat in Costa Rica

Inspiring Kundalini, Vinyasa, & Naad Yoga Experience at the Pacha Mama Spiritual & Ecological Village in Costa Rica: Date hasn’t been set for the next retreat Learn the foundations of Yoga practice and deepen your existing practice. Join Zemach Zohar, Devi Michal, and Dages for a highly transformational, rejuvenating adventure retreat in the magical forest 

Magical Journey in the Egyptian Sinai Desert and The Red Sea

The Desert Experience Transformational Adventure in the Egyptian Sinai Desert and Red Sea The Egyptian Sinai Desert has the magical combination of mountains, canyons, oases, and sea. Comfortable warm dry climate makes this desert a dream come true for exploration and relaxation during the month of April. We embark on an adventure in motion. Using 

Energetics of Food

Potatoes that glow in the dark? Salmon in cages? Chicken people? Cow people? This amusing lecture will provide you with tools to utilize different foods and various cooking methods for achieving your goal whether it is losing weight, gaining weight, getting an energy boost, or obtaining relaxation. We will also discuss GE foods, organic vs. 

Energy Balance Diet

How can you provide your body with the right combination of protein, natural sugars, and essential nutrients to sustain high energy–in a way uniquely suitable to you? How can you smooth out the dips and crests of the energy wave, eliminate cravings, maximize your natural physical power, and achieve mental clarity? How should you use 

Healing with Whole Foods

What is “whole foods”? How is it different than processed food and fractured food? How can eating whole foods give a boost to your health? What is Primary Food? How can preparing and eating whole foods save you money? Discover the food pyramid the FDA won’t tell you about. Learn easy food preparation and health 

Health Food Store Tour

With our enthusiasm and love for vegetables and food you will never look at food the same way again. “Natural food stores can be overwhelming – hey, even the government seems confused about organic certification (although it’s not like the government isn’t used to being confused). You can banish the uncertainty about natural groceries on 

How to Optimize Your Health with Food Combining & Mineral Balance

How can we aid our digestion and assimilation of nutrients? How can we increase our energy and prevent disease or enhance recovery? What role does food combining have to do with these? How can we through our food choices bring our body into balance for being in tune with our body, emotions, and thoughts? What 

Superfood Nutrition With Devi Michal Adi

Foods are the first line of defense against the negative effects of lifestyle stress, pollution, chemicals, and disease. Superfoods, as opposed to vitamins or supplements, are foods that naturally possess a very high concentration of essential nutrients that provide the body with raw, concentrated building blocks with which to build a strong foundation for health. 

Eating for Sensuality

Healthy food and activities don’t have to be boring and bland. Vibrant, natural food, and fun exercise, can awaken the senses, enliven us, and increase our capacity for pleasure. How do we increase the pleasure in our lives in a healthy way? What foods can we eat regularly that are both delicious and make our 

Say Goodbye to Your Sugar Addiction

Do you find you need coffee or a sweet snack at 3 PM to get you through your day? Do you suffer from mood swings? Are you tired much of the time or bingeing on a regular basis? Sugar is addictive. Sugar is empty calories. Sugar robs your body of vital nutrients. Like heroine, cocaine,