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white limo journey

heard that the international rainbow tribe
has been gathering on native american land
on turtle island in quebec canada

had strong calling to get to this celebration
of living in nature and family sharing
began looking into options of getting there

right when we were about to rent car for this long journey
our friend bari is on the phone
asking if we’d like to go to the gathering
in his 23 foot long white limousine

bari is elder of the american rainbow family
he drove to new york in his white limo
from the california rainbow gathering
carrying on the roof of his limo the peace pole

the peace pole is 11 feet tall wooden phone pole
that been traveling for 27 years
from one rainbow gathering to another
in each gathering it serves as shrine for peace
people gather around it to sing, meditate,
hold peace ceremonies,
and add new paintings and wood carvings on it

we joined bari on his holy grail journey
beginning our full two days drive from new york
inside long white limo
carrying on its roof long old phone pole
that transformed into peace totem

the white limo draws lots of attention
from people on the streets
and from law enforcement authorities
such as the police and border immigration
who held us for over two hours
trying to figure out what we’re about
and to verify if we’re a rock band

driving north of montreal
car with three young women drives parallel to us
one of the women removes her shirt and bra
and throws them at our limo

the limo has solar panel
that operates the back window
lots of crystals and decorations inside
the back seat turns into full length bed
that can sleep three people

the last two hours of the drive take place at night
on dirt roads between lakes and swamps
the limo is very long and low
requiring cautious driving on the dirt roads

car with french canadian hare krishnas
is escorting us
driving in front of the limo
alerting us when to slow down
due to steep downhills or big rocks on the road

at a very rocky part of the dirt road
all passengers have to get out of the limo
to make it less heavy and not hit the bottom

turtle island is beautiful land
pine tree forests and lots of lakes, rivers, and swamps
walking from the car to the gathering area
carrying our backpacks and tents
along the walk brothers and sisters greeting us
welcome home

For more details about what takes place at Rainbow
gatherings click here.

© 2004. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Quebec, Canada, August 2004