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u turn

life is an ongoing u turn into new places

last video game i played
was atari’s night driver

this was twenty years ago
of all places
it was at the navy training base
as part of tests the navy conducted on me
to evaluate my level of coordination
in order to find out where to place me
within the war machine

i assume since then the navy
has figured out more sophisticated methods
for evaluation as well as for their other purposes

night driver introduces sharp turns
unexpected obstacles
moving forward into the unknown
which becomes familiar
with repeat plays

fresh out of military service
found myself in the tel aviv nightlife
bars and clubs became second home
at times even first home

then new york city
bigger bars and gigantic clubs
found myself as the door person
of the legendary limelight club

night driver changed the rules of the game
began driving out of the screen
changed scenery from night into daylight
yoga, meditations, spiritual journeys
awake during the day
sleeping during night
departing from alcohol
hello fresh fruits and vegetables

until the next u turn
taking me into new places
met again people involved in nightlife
together we created melting pot
bringing the club scene into synthesis
with the spiritual and holistic world
body temple

contradictions are always present
each and every moment
we can pretend they don’t exist
or simply embrace them

then comes realization
stop being life’s back seat driver
life is the chauffer
surrender into the luxury of being the rider

when was heading to point A
found myself at point B
decided to settle down at B
there i was on the road to C

piece of wood floating on the river
no point in giving instructions
carried by the water
dropping resistance
arriving the right places at the right time

time to manifest more or time to disappear?
breathe in the signs
decisions will follow

desert is calling
jungle echoing
cave inviting
body temple and aphrodisia incubating
bringing them all into heart of city

these creative flowers
enjoy the life cycle
of seed to sprout to flower
then to seed again
wiser richer seed
ready to fill us all
with the joy of creation
in the pleasure of being spectator

past ingredients orchestrate collective comeback
sharp u turn into the newest place
© 2004. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, New York, April 2004

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