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tuesday september 11th

tuesday september 11th
been receiving phone calls
from family and friends in israel
checking to see if all is alright

role reversal
more used to check on them
after bombs go off in israel

been on the roof
saw the second tower collapsing
saw all the smoke and dust

my friend krisztina found out that st. vincent hospital
to which most of the injured people were brought
was short on food for the staff and volunteers

krisztina called up the food store fairway
and the institute for integrative nutrition
both agreed to donate food

she called the truck rental company ryder
they agreed to donate a truck

she called me
i became the truck driver

we went to fairway
and the institute for integrative nutrition
to pick up the food supplies
then drove downtown to st. vincent hospital

every few blocks roadblock
the police prevents traffic from heading downtown
at each roadblock we stuck our heads out of the window
telling the cops
we’re getting supply to the hospital

open sesame
police cars and fire trucks are moved away
to clear the road for our truck

outside the hospital
many young people helped us downloading the supply
getting it into the cafeteria
they all came to offer their help at the hospital
more volunteers than needed

downloaded the truck in such a way
that created more work than was necessary
giving each person only little to carry
allowing more people
to be part of helping out

felt good seeing new yorkers
caring for others
stepping out of their shells

glimpses of beauty
emerging out of the ugliness

things will never be the same again

our biggest contribution is
believing, feeling, and acting out
that life goes on
seeing friends
attending social events
crying together and alone
laughing together and alone

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