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to my inner woman

my dear sara

been placing on you a heavy load
attributed to you many weaknesses
it was comfortable seeing you as the source of fears
the fountain of tears
the helplessness
the poor good hearted

built such a stereotypical character out of you

deep has this load buried you
a convoy of trucks was needed to clear
all the sand, stones, metal, rocks, weed,
construction waste, rotten leftovers
one gooey dough that turned into
a non permeable concrete layer

so much dynamite was needed to blow up this concrete
before the trucks could have began the removal
that hasn’t ended yet
it will take a while

there are many trucks
but only one driver
driving them truck by truck
the whole distance
gradually exposing your majestic splendor

then i will wipe the last sand remains off your face
allowing your full smile
with its pure straight teeth
to glitter at me

and when a desert wind will cover you with a layer of dust
i won’t get frightened
few easy blows from my mouth
and again you continue shining

never again will i let
the sand and the rain
and the trash
to bury you

sprout me up


© 2000. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Pune India, July 2000

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