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Roseanne Ciparick

Since beginning the program, I have an exponentially greater sense of myself as a healthy individual. I have begun to understand my body’s many messages and to heed them in a way that has me feel balanced. The redness I used to have on my belly has disappeared, I no longer need painkillers during my period, and I went from size 11 to size 8. I no longer make those around me wrong for their different food choices. I am finally at cause with regard to my health – I can feel immediate effect of what I eat and know what to do for my health. The one-on-one sessions always left me inspired and clear that I’m on the perfect path. I loved the cooking classes for the sense of community they created around my personal journey and I loved screaming like a cab driver in the boiler room.

Alok is an amazing listener. He very peacefully and non-judgmentally reminds you that you are on your perfect path. He also always knows what you need during each session, whether it be reiki, a healthful meal, or an opportunity to shout out your tension. He is the perfect guide for the journey and an amazing clearing for my discoveries. This program has changed my life. Thank you.