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Emanuele Ancorini

Since beginning the program with Alok I have a more fun, less neurotic look at what’s healthy and what’s not. I feel stronger and more in charge of my choices. I have moved towards almost only organic foods, yet I don’t blink when I am out or if for other reasons eat non-organic foods. I benefited from Alok’s lecture “The Energetics of Food,” from all the one-on-one sessions, and from Alok’s energy and joyous look at health. I enjoyed the meditations and the cooking classes.

Alok is a knowledgeable health counselor with a relaxed look at life and pleasure. He enjoys food and views it as more than just a necessity. He is definitely holistic and has no problem saying he doesn’t know and becomes enthusiastic to learn.

Thanks to the time I have spent with Alok I have positively changed the view of people around me regarding health, food, and energy, including my own views