Jyoti Mahtani

Since beginning the program with Alok, I became more intuitive and aware of what happens to my body when I do not eat as well. Kale, collard greens, brown rice – they all became important part of my life. My life experience has totally changed. I’m more fluid, every day is different, every new day 

Mito Tachikawa

I used to suffer from uterus pain that has been controlling my feelings and mood. During the program this pain has gone! I now enjoy more positive thinking and feel grateful to nature’s power. Alok is a very sensitive healer.

Kendra Campbell

I liked the way Alok guided me towards my own truth. At the end of the program, I find myself more at ease. I have more patience and trust and I’m learning to fully embrace joy. I learned to allow the natural change and flow to happen and to set intentions clearly so that change 

Elenor Lindsay

Alok is a refreshing change from the preconceived notion of what a health counselor should be. For those looking to heal their body through whole foods, heal their mind through a holistic perspective of the world and heal their spirit through a reverent approach to the universe, Alok is the guy to see, to know 

Amelia Mansell

Working with Alok has been great for me in many ways. First of all, he is charming, which puts me at ease. He is sensitive to my needs, that means he LISTENS. And then he guides you along a healthy, dietary lifestyle change. Usually change is difficult. But not with Alok

Anne-Margaret Redding

Roseanne’s enthusiasm towards a healthy way of eating is absolutely contagious. The instant I began working with her my attitude towards food drastically changed for the better and now I crave vegetables and know how to prepare them in a way that tastes good. The one-on-one counseling was just what I needed to deepen my 

Joshua Rosenthal, Director of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Alok is worthy of human trust and has a highly developed intuition and exceptional listening skills. He has an honest and caring spirit and is effective in the science and the art of creating personal transformation in the lives of his clients, family, friends and pretty much anyone he meets. He is an expert in 

Jorge González

I have experienced many positive changes since the beginning of the six-month program. I have a better attitude towards nutrition. The program sparkled an interest in healing with whole foods. I enjoy better eating habits. I no longer need caffeine or fast food. I enjoy a healthier body and healthier choices. The one-on-one sessions allowed 

Julie Nalven

Since beginning the program with Alok, I’ve experienced increased energy and positive attitude. I care about the things I put into my body. I care more about my body. I care more about the people in my life. I’ve learned to add certain foods into my diet. The cooking classes helped me begin to cook 

Ilan Keter

I feel more in control of my life, have a better understanding about the right food for me, and know my body better. Alok is sensitive, kind, and wise. Thank you Alok, you gave me power.

Michele G. Fanelli

I had the most wonderful thing happen to me five months ago! I met Alok, my health counselor. I came to Alok with pieces of a puzzle that included fatigue, headaches and the most intense PMS one could imagine. Alok really listened to me and what was going on in my life. He helped me 

Debbie Friedman

I have had four meetings with Alok, not counting my initial consultation, and my life has changed. The change has been subtle, but empowering. It all started with gaining a better understanding of what I have been consuming and how it effects me. I’ve never really been attached to particular foods. Of course I’ve used 

Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski

Since I began the program with Alok, I eat much healthier food than before. I am attracted to better food. Much more cooking than before – this is a positive change. I care more about myself. I’m being more assertive in service of myself. I have more respect towards myself. I’ve learned how to figure 

Phoebe S.

I saw a nutritionist once in the past who gave me dietary coaching. I didn’t manage to sustain weight loss however, because we never got to the root of what had me over-eating and staying heavy. With Roseanne, I came to understand that my problems with food did not stem from food, per se, but 

Yuliya Lanina

During my program with Alok I stopped using sweeteners, became more cautious of my diet, began making healthier choices, stopped drinking black tea and coffee, dramatically reduced dairy consumption, and started doing reiki, yoga, and to meditate. Alok is very resourceful, patient, and gentle; he works without being pushy or forceful. I thank Alok for 

Yael Daphna Saar

I love this program; this journey is making me happy and healthy. I’m discovering my inner chef. Cooking has become a creative outlet and a source of joy. Thank you Alok.

Alina Ainza

Alok is an amazing health counselor. His approach is simply natural. I appreciated the way he responded to my concerns and issues instead of forcing any doctrines on me. Each session was catered to answering my questions. I always left my sessions with a positive feeling and a sense of knowledge. I particularly enjoyed the 

Patricia Black

I’m halfway through my six month program with Alok, and it has already been very helpful for me. Alok is supportive, insightful, and a great listener. I’ve worked hard in the past at “getting my diet together,” but with Alok’s counseling I never feel pressured. This program simplifies the process and now I see that 

Ravit Shalom

I didn’t know what to expect of the first session, but I must admit that the energy, the new stuff that I’ve learned from Alok, and what I’ve learned about myself was doing only good. Keep up the good work and energies.

Rafael Fuchs

After the six-month program with Alok, I have a much better balance with my moods. I lost weight and am looking better. I have a better understanding of food qualities and gotten to know what’s good for me. I enjoy better relationships with my family, with my employees, and with people in general. Alok is 

Michaela Skrabalova

Alok is great not only as a counselor but as a person as well. You get a very clear sense that he is there to help you in a very genuine way. Going to see Alok is like going to visit an old wise man. He always has the answer for your needs and his 

Dr. Lawrence Goodstein

Since beginning the program with Alok I have more awareness of my health needs. I have learned how to eat better. I now eat to live and not live to eat and I still enjoy food. I cook more and feel less stress. I’m taking things more in stride at home and at the office. 

Kate Jones

I lost weight I’ve been trying to lose for six years and my skin cleared up two months into the program. In addition to the numerous physical benefits, working with Alok has given me freedom and power with the uncertainties of life. Alok’s health counseling program is noteworthy for being professional, supportive, loving, and truly 

Rob Garcia

Since I’ve been working with Alok, I have been able to make important healthy changes in my life. The process has been incredibly gentle, as is Alok’s approach. He is able to work with me, where I am at, and give realistic recommendations with no pressure. After a few months I have lost weight, improved 

Irene Mastrangeli

I’m approaching the end of my program with Alok. At first I thought that six months were a long period of time, but now I don’t want it to be over so quickly. When I started the program, I was a little scared. I didn’t know what to expect. I especially didn’t expect all the 

Anne-Margaret Redding

Roseanne’s enthusiasm towards a healthy way of eating is absolutely contagious. The instant I began working with her my attitude towards food drastically changed for the better and now I crave vegetables and know how to prepare them in a way that tastes good. The one-on-one counseling was just what I needed to deepen my 

Alex Moulton

Roseanne was wonderful to work with. I received an enormous amount of education about different nutritional theories from around the world, which proved to be both physically and intellectually stimulating for my personal goal of achieving a healthier diet and lifestyle. The results were unexpected and fantastic – within a few months I had dropped 

Emanuele Ancorini

Since beginning the program with Alok I have a more fun, less neurotic look at what’s healthy and what’s not. I feel stronger and more in charge of my choices. I have moved towards almost only organic foods, yet I don’t blink when I am out or if for other reasons eat non-organic foods. I 

Annette Guarrasi

Since beginning the program, the way I feel about food has changed. I eat less fast food. I really crave purchasing green, leafy vegetables and stopped craving sugar. It’s easier for me to turn deserts down because I know I can fix my sweet cravings in other ways. I prepare my own food more than 

Roseanne Ciparick

Since beginning the program, I have an exponentially greater sense of myself as a healthy individual. I have begun to understand my body’s many messages and to heed them in a way that has me feel balanced. The redness I used to have on my belly has disappeared, I no longer need painkillers during my 

Michael Kramer

Prior to the program I thought my health concerns were hopeless, but I no longer feel this way. Since beginning the program, my joints have loosened and I experience less pain, my knees feel a lot looser and better than they have in years, my eating habits have changed dramatically, I’m experiencing more joy, my