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Lecture “Integrative Nutrition” in a democratic school

I was invited to give an “integrative nutrition” lecture at a democratic school. The audience included students of all ages (from 1st grade to 12th grade), parents, and teachers. I must admit I was highly impressed by the small kids’ attention span (actually also by that of the older kids) – an hour-long lecture about a topic that isn’t really considered “cool” by kids. They surprised me with wise questions that transformed the lecture into a fascinating and dynamic one. Among the topics we’ve discussed: the contradictions among the different dietary systems, why searching for “healthy substitutes” won’t improve our health, the breakfast experiment, are vegetarianism and veganism healthier, and more. Another surprise: at the end of the lecture the kids bought copies of the “Integrative Nutrition” book. Do you get this? They were so much into the topic that they wanted to deepen into it and share it with their parents. If you too would like to find out about the things the kids and I spoke about, such as why one person’s food is another person’s poison? How to tune into your body and listen to its messages? Which foods energize you and which foods drain you? It’s all in the first two chapters of the Integrative Nutrition book which you can read (for free) here:

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