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came to brazil for a month of shamanic work
in a beautiful healing music community
in a land surrounded by jungle

sleeping in a casita
on the bank of small creek
falling asleep to the sound of living water

my back yard is a mountain with seven waterfalls
after breakfast taking shower in the waterfall
that calls me the most at that moment

then chilling in hammock overlooking fruit bearing trees
jaca – the brazilian version of durian
huge porcupine looking fruit
rich in good fat
loaded with vitamins
powerful taste and very nourishing

every other night shamanic session
from evening till morning
music from various traditions

the following is by indian sufi master inayat khan
with celestial music by brazilian niria
who seals our session space to protect us
from bad spirits

we’re singing it in portuguese

next time when you see me
you’re welcome to ask me to sing this for you

close your eyes
meditate on these words
you’ll feel us singing:

Fazei de deus uma realidade
Que Ele fara de ti linda verdade

Allow God to become a reality
And He will make out of you beautiful truth

after three weeks of living in the green of the forest
with shamans and waterfalls
moved to saquarema beach
where the colors are blue and yellow

heard from both dr. gabriel cousens and david wolfe
that if you eat 100% raw plant food
the sun will not burn you

been eating only raw veggies and fruits
during my entire time in brazil
so decided to experiment with the sun

being cautious
applied sunblock to few sensitive spots
my nose, my bold scalp, my big lower lip,
and the tattoo on my shoulder
and began making love to the sun

spent hours every day in the powerful brazilian sun
didn’t get sunburn even once
my friends used sunblock
and when they forgot or missed covering a body part
they got sunburned

been thinking a lot about what does it mean
that if we eat raw veggies and raw fruits
we don’t get burned by the sun
this is very powerful signal
the answer may be simple
when we eat raw
we eat undistorted sun energy
we become one with the sun

been doing my daily tibetan yoga
either near the waterfall in the jungle
or on the beach in saquarema
such a powerful practice

caipirinha is a popular brazilian drink
with lots of alcohol
not being much of a drinker
one or two caipirinhas would knock me out

discovered on myself that drinking a coconut
after a night of caipirinhas
is a great recipe against hangover
i would wake up in the mornings fresh and new

saquarema is a relatively small city
no tourists
no english
joined with group of friends the local carnaval
marching through city center for hours
with 30 drummers
singing the same saquarema 2003 carnaval song
over and over again for hours

next day traveled to the carnaval in
rio de janeiro

unlike the authentic saquarema carnaval
the rio de janeiro carnaval has become
a corporate event sponsored by
american pharmaceutical company
and a fast food burgers chain

rio carnaval is
grandiose las vegas on wheels presented by
seven music schools
each school with its own song
and four thousand dancers
making it a spectacle of 28 thousand dancers
that lasts for ten hours

rio de janeiro is an amazingly beautiful city
lots of beaches, mountains,
and thick forests in the middle of the city

from the top of one mountain people do air gliding
landing in a nearby beach
making the city sky full with flying people

getting charged by the loving sun
the green of the trees and plants
the warmth of the people

© 2003. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, Brazil, February-March 2003

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