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body temple

for the september body temple party
we had agreement with the owner of the space
to end the party at 3:30 am
not bad for party that began at 7 pm

people kept pouring in even late at night
the action on the dance floor after 3 am
was clear message from the participants –
we’re not going to let you stop our dance

the owner of the space realized that as well
and was cool to let the celebration go on
party sure continued
people were high on life
full with energy
all without any alcohol or drugs
unless you count the raw chocolate treats
and the fresh young coconuts from thailand as drugs

at 6:30 am we found ourselves asking people to leave
so we could begin cleaning up the space

over 300 people showed up
this is heart warming for all of us at body temple
who for over two years have been putting so much
work, devotion, and love
into creating sacred space
space that doesn’t take itself too seriously

in a city like new york
going out on the weekend is largely associated
with going out to drink
drinking in the restaurants
drinking in the bars
drinking in the clubs

going out drinking serves as a tool for forgetting
to forget the boss
to forget the cubicle with the fluorescent light
to forget the stress
to forget how busy we are
to forget that in a day or two weekend is over
and it will all start again

when we started throwing parties without alcohol
people were very skeptical

more than skeptical
people had the fear that they won’t be able
to handle/survive/enjoy club-like party
without alcohol

body temple isn’t against alcohol
we are against the dependency on alcohol

dj chrome was guest dj during the last party
it was his first body temple
at the end of the night
with big smile and radiant face
he told us how skeptical he was at first
of the possibility of pure-energy rave in new york city

during the past year
the body temple crowd has become more diverse
word spreading out attracting the curious ones
those who are not hesitant to explore celebration

body temple has evolved into becoming the fertile soil
allowing people to come celebrate rather than come to forget

the dance floor, the vibe, the creativity, the sensuality
are our tools to remember
they are our vehicles to connect with our true core
the core that goes to a place so deep
so deep that bosses, cubicles, or fluorescent lights
have no effect over it

this is freedom
freedom that requires no previous experience

© 2004. All Rights Reserved.
Zemach Zohar Wilson, New York, September 2004