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a bed, a crane, and the mind

got new bed
but the stairwell in my building
was too narrow for bringing the bed
into the apartment

placed the bed in the building’s basement
knowing that in three weeks
the super will throw it out to the street

didn’t know what to do
didn’t want to lose the new bed
didn’t know how to get it into my apartment

noticed that
the construction site across the street
uses a crane to lift up building materials

thought to myself
the crane could lift the bed
up to my fourth-floor apartment’s window

my mind jumped into the picture
telling me that operating a crane
costs hundreds of dollars per hour
this idea is too crazy
forget about it

but something in me made me walk towards the crane
a big guy with huge cigar was operating it
my mind told me to turn around and leave
before i embarrass myself

but i stayed there
making myself visible to the man and his cigar
until he noticed me
and gave me a smile

i told him what i’d like to do
he said “name your price”
i answered $20
he said ok

he drove the crane parallel to my window
placed red cones to block the street
four arms grew from the crane’s sides
out and down into the road
creating grounding
declaring “operation bed has began”

people stopped by
looking how a huge crane lifts a bed
up in the air
into a fourth-floor window

brought the new bed inside
placed the old bed onto the crane’s arm
watching how the cigar man
takes down the old bed
discarding it into the construction’s site dumpster
saving me the hustle of storing the old bed
in the basement
and having to get the sanitation department
to come and pick it up

so glad i’ve ignored my mind
and it’s messages of fear
and disbelief

this made me remember that
the indian master osho used to say
“the mind is a wonderful servant
but a horrible master”

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